Core Values

Our Vision at Chofetz Chaim Los Angeles Affiliate is to mold well rounded  Bnei Torah who will excel in Torah and Middos Tovos.



To Challenge our students with an uncompromising Torah education that consists of in-depth learning of Gemara, as well as a comprehensive body of knowledge in Gemara Bekius, enabling them to succeed in the finest Yeshivos of higher learning.

To Instill in our students the importance of Mussar and self-development by emphasizing character refinement, interpersonal relationships and ethical behavior.

To Inspire our students to strive for excellence through interactive classes and developing in them the tools and strategies necessary to learn on their own and a lifetime love of learning.

To Nurture a warm and caring environment through developing close personal relationships amongst the faculty, student body, and post high school Beis Midrash students.