Our Yeshiva provides an unparalleled college preparatory program taught by a professional and knowledgeable staff of teachers whose years of experience are evident through their innovative methods and technique.

Chofetz Chaim Los Angeles Affiliate conducts a serious, intensive and uncompromising General Studies program, rigorously pursuing every educational opportunity to upgrade and enhance its quality. The Yeshiva  provides highly qualified and experienced instructors, AP course options, a STEM and Robotics program as well as many other opportunities for the Bochurim that will undoubtedly help them succeed in whatever path they choose after Yeshiva.  We believe that true and effective education is far more than just curriculum education; each student must be challenged to be creative and develop a genuine appreciation for learning. Some of the program’s highlights include:

  • A highly qualified staff in which every faculty member boasts a Master’s degree from a highly distinguished university. 

  • STEM 3D Engineering and Robotics class. This is the only program of its kind in a Yeshiva  in California and helps students succeed in the rapidly changing modern world. 

  • Rock Climbing and Karate built into the Physical Education Program

  • All coursework UC A-G approved

  • Computer Lab with 3D printer

  • Students continuing mathematics through Calculus AB

  • Offering honors and AP classes

  • The best General Studies program in a yeshiva high school.