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The primary focus of the Limudei Kodesh curriculum is to develop the skills and ability necessary for independent learning, including Gemara, Rashi, Tosafot and Meforshim. Basic familiarity with all areas of Torah including Halacha and Hashkafa are emphasized.



The cornerstone of our Limudei Kodesh curriculum is the Gemara B’iyun shiur. In order to maximize the growth of each and every talmid, the Yeshivah offers multiple shiurim. Our goal is not merely completion of the material, rather it's to give our students methodologies necessary to succeed in learning. In this way, they will come to possess the vital skills required in understanding Gemara, Rashi, and Tosafot as well as other Rishonim and Acharonim on their own.

To this end, numerous methods are employed, including a rigorous analytical approach which trains the talmid to gain strong insight and sophisticated understanding of the Gemara and Meforshim which he learns. He is taught to read in between the lines and to appreciate the beauty of Hashem’s Torah. The talmidim are encouraged to challenge and debate enabling them to gain understanding and insight into the material.



An integral part of any complete Gemara curriculum includes a Bekiyut shiur. In order to gain a working knowledge and broad overview in any mesechta, a number of dafim (pages) must be covered. In addition, Bekiyut learning, with its focus on the reading of the Gemara and Rashi, aides our students in the development of the “laining” (Gemara comprehension skills) skills necessary for independent studies.



Since the performance of mitzvot and the development of proper middot are inseparable from Limud Hatorah, they are addressed simultaneously from daily lessons in mussar and other vantage points.

The Yeshiva’s Chumash program is designed to equip each student with the knowledge of  Chumash and Rashi. Our Friday morning “shmuess” - a highlight of our mussar approach - culls  life lessons from Chumash and Tanach. Our methodology equips talmidim with the language and textual analytical skills needed to study and understand the classic Rishonim commentators on Tanach, Mussar, and Hashkafa.

Halacha is the cornerstone of our daily lives. This being the case it is an integral part of our curriculum. The primary text which is used is the Shulchan Aruch - Orach Chaim with the Mishna Berura. Students are not only trained to master the piskei halacha of both Ashkenaz and Sephardic customs, but also to acquire the skills necessary to be able to read, study, understand and apply their knowledge to real life settings and common occurrences.