Chofetz Chaim Los Angeles Affiliate graduates are expected to be well rounded B’nei Torah defined as being...

Dedicated to Torah

  • Has the Torah Skills to learn Gemara B’Iyun (In-depth)
  • Has a comprehensive body of knowledge in Torah (Gemara Bekiut)
  • Make Torah learning a significant part of his life
  • Integrating Halacha into their daily life

Healthy & Refined Character

  • Ba’alei Mussar who:
    • have a healthy self-awareness
    • possess the ability to continually work on their own character traits
    • are aware of their abilities and limitations
  • Healthy attitudes and approaches to life's challenges
  • Leaders in their community, able to help those around them and benefit all
  • Living an ethical meaningful life

Lifelong Learner

  • Capable students, who are responsible, able to take notes, organize, and study efficiently and intelligently
  • Clear and Expressive speakers and writers
  • Worldly students who have a comprehensive knowledge of secular studies
  • Creative and analytical thinkers
  • Discerning researchers, who are able to work independently, and collaboratively