Our Yeshiva's extracurricular activities provide a unique opportunity for social development, connecting with Rebbeim and teachers, and forging lifelong friendships with classmates.

Our Shabbatonim are uplifting, exciting and enjoyable - every boy comes away feeling rejuvenated physically and spiritually. Our guest speakers are deeply inspiring and we've had the privilege of hearing from many community Rabbonim and Talmidei Chachomim from around the globe. 

And of course our Rosh Chodesh trips are a highlight that students look forward to every month, helping them reconnect with the Yeshiva in an enjoyable way.

Besides being fun and enjoyable, we carefully choose our activities. From rope courses, hikes, biking and barbecues to flag football and yeshiva wide basketball games, our extra curricular program is full of wholesome activities that will educate, inspire and develop our students.

Because at Chofetz Chaim Los Angeles Affiliate, we care about the whole student, nurturing him to become a happy well-adjusted young man.