Rabbi Shimon Ishal   Dean

Rabbi Shimon Ishal 


For nearly a decade Rabbi Ishal had the unique privilege of serving as the personal assistant to the Rosh HaYeshiva of Chofetz Chaim, HaGaon HaRav Alter Chanoch Henach Leibowitz, ZT”L. In this role Rabbi Ishal forged a deep personal relationship with HaRav Leibowitz and gained much insight from the many facets of his penetrating wisdom and understanding of human nature. Inspired by the Rosh HaYeshiva's vision and sense of responsibility to Klal Yisroel, Rabbi Ishal has actualized the dream of the Rosh Hayeshiva to create a successful Yeshiva system for the Sephardi community.

 Rabbi Yermiyahu Ornstein  Dean

Rabbi Yermiyahu Ornstein


Rabbi Yermiyahu Ornstein draws from his many years of Yeshiva learning and teaching experience to engage and involve students in a stimulating interactive learning experience. Rabbi Ornstein studied for thirteen years in the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva system, studying in the affiliates Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel in Flatbush, Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Jerusalem and in the main Chofetz Chaim campus of Queens. Spending ten years in Queens, Rabbi Ornstein forged deep bonds with the world renowned educator and pedagogue the Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Alter Chanoch Henach Leibowitz ZT”L as well as with the other distinguished Rebbeim of the Hanhallah.

Rabbi Ornstein is a graduate of the Principal's Training Initiative. He also completed the Mercaz Teacher Training Program, a two-year course developed and taught by the renowned, veteran educator Rabbi Yoel Kramer. Additionally Rabbi Ornstein holds a Masters in School Building Leadership from St. Johns University's School of Education. He aspires to draw on these many resources he has gained through his training and experience to convey the beauty and profundity of the Torah to the broader Sephardi Jewish community. 

 Mr. Joshua Shapiro   Vice Principal of Secular Studies

Mr. Joshua Shapiro 

Vice Principal of Secular Studies

Mr. Shapiro has worked for Chofetz Chaim of Los Angeles over the last four years as a teacher, camp director, WASC coordinator, and now Vice Principal of Secular Studies. 

He  earned his Bachelors of Arts in History from UCLA, and his Masters in History from Cal State Northridge. Mr. Shapiro also learned at Aish Hatorah Jerusalem for two years.

Before coming to CCofLA he owned and operated two tutoring companies: Midas Academy, dedicated to SAT prep and English Language Development, and Kesher Limud, one on one tutoring within the Jewish community. He also worked as a track and field coach for six years at Arcadia High School.  

In his spare time Mr. Shapiro enjoys watchmaking, rock climbing, and spending time with his wonderful wife and children (Not in order of importance). 

Mr. Shapiro is excited to use his skills, education, and experience to inspire the next generation of Bnei' Torah at Chofetz Chaim of Los Angeles